What's New

3.26 - January 16, 2016

  • New: Added ability to Confirm Reservation (V16.60 and higher)
  • New: Updated OptOut Link Footer and Header panels.

3.25 - March 23, 2015

  • New: Added Sheet Change column to Housekeeping screen.

3.24 - January 27, 2015

  • Fix: Error checking on Object load for SnapShot.
  • Fix: Hide Other Information from Reservation Form when signed in as Group Coordinator.

3.23 - January 14, 2015

  • New: Sorting options for Group Room Detail.
  • New: Added Group Display for Group Manager / Customer access.
  • New: Added expanding each reservation from Groups
  • New: Added Sort Sequencing (Ascending or Decending)
  • Fix: Owner/Groups Login will not show What's New/About in Footer.
  • Fix: Owner/Groups Login will show Hotel Name instead of iQ-Anywhere.

3.23 - January 14, 2015

  • Fix: Arrivals, Departures and Stayovers RecordSet2 regression.
  • Fix: Guesst Awareness Report RecordSet2 regression.

3.22 - January 12, 2015

  • New: Updated Checkout Date to be one day after Checkin when New Reservation
  • New: Opt Out (EMAIL) functionality to be like (Public V16 release only)
  • Fix: Group Blocks Assigned Rooms

3.21 - December 30, 2014

  • New: Added Universal (Google API) Date Picker
  • New: Added New, Change, Cancel Reservation functionality. (Public V16 release only)
  • New: Added ability to send HTML Reservation Letters. (Public V16 release only)
  • New: Added four days of Occupancy and Left to Sell to Snapshot as a banner. (Public V16 release only)
  • New: Enhanced Assign and Unassign Rooms options to be very straight-forward and easy to understand.
  • Change: Updated Style sheets for better table displays
  • Change: Corrected bottom border on Sub Menu buttons
  • Fix: History search parameters/bubble did not display
  • Fix: Correct how Prefix appeared after first name on all browse screens.
  • Enhancement: Streamlined Too Many Records object
  • Change: Integration for roomMaster V16 (Additional new flags)
  • Change: iOS 8 recognized

3.20 - November 6, 2014

  • New: Updated j-Query Controls (1.4.5)
  • New: Integration for roomMaster V16 (Housekeeping)
  • New: Integration for roomMaster V16 (Inventory Drill-Down)

3.19 - September 2, 2014

  • New: Updated j-Query Controls (1.4.3)
  • Fix: TPS Left Outer Join issues

3.18 - January 28, 2014

  • Regression: LogIn Message on Logon Screen stopped showing.

3.17 - January 24, 2014

  • New: Added Phone Search to Guest Profile.
  • New: Added Search bar to Management Functions / Users.
  • New: Added Date Support for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
  • New: Show more information for Housekeeping Occupied Status.
  • Fix: Do not show FormattedContent when displaying Guest History for a certain Guest Profile.
  • Fix: Corrected display of Audit Date and Display Date on Folio Display.

3.16 - January 13, 2014

  • New: Added Shift Report to Snapshot / Reports.
  • New: Ability to Update the Room Note from the Room Display.
  • Change: When changing a room to Unavailable Status, the form will stay on the current room.
  • Change: Please Wait message when running ISQL Reports.
  • Change: Current status of room will appear in Green in Update Status Window.
  • Fix: Form Corruption issues when Extrafields/Userfields were blank/not used.
  • Fix: Internal fixes to how dates are used.